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Creating magical memories: DIY boho teepee

Anyone that knows me or my style knows that deep inside I am a boho mermaid 😀 ha ha.

I love styling sessions. It’s kinda my thing…If you don’t know that already. I love the planning of it & sketching out ideas & I also love shooting from the hip with ideas. For this partial session I styled the little girl in a Joyfolie dress in cream & a joyfolie flower crown. The cream dress was made of chiffon so I knew I wanted to carry that look through out the session. It inspired me to create this teepee using chiffon fabric instead of your standard teepee cover ( which I do have from other sessions …just didn’t want to use for this session). I also knew that this session was going to be outside in grass & back lit so all these factors played into my fabric selection.

What do you need ?

Dail rods or birch branches <–That is what I used

Fabric <– I used Chiffon to match the dress (experiment try different fabrics ) I had about 2 1/2 years cut

Flowers: I used fake flowers that I had from a ton of other sessions. I save everything ( well until I have used it so many times it’s time to move on …than I sell it). I bought my flowers at a local craft store. For the most part I didn’t need anything to secure them . I did end up using a few zip ties .

Rope /hemp

Wire cutters

Than … from her it’s pretty simple. Use rope (to tie the top of the 3 branches) I fanned the branches out until I was happy with how big the space was ( this is to taste or desired look)

Than I took the fabric & tied it to the bottom of the outside 2 branches. At the top I actually just tucked it in to give it that flowy – blow in the wind look & feel.

As for the flowers … you can do this to taste too. You can add more or less or experiment with different items ( it doesn’t have to be flowers) . There was no real science here. I just played around until I liked the look ( cutting the stems as needed). I did have my friend Soozie on hand to tell me how it looked & help with adjustments. She also let me borrow her awesome vintage blanket that you see as the base.

And … that’s it ! You now have yourself a teepee as well as materials that you can use over & over again for other projects ;-D



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