Mastering Mini Photography Sessions with Pamela Salai

“Join Hello Storyteller Mentor, Pamela Salai, in her most popular photography course, yet! You will get the opportunity to learn alongside Pamela as she breaks down her mini photography session process from start to finish. Mastering Mini Photography Sessions Includes Pam’s session set up, where to find her mini session props, styling resources for amazing outfits, different and unique posing, and MORE! Hello Storyteller will give you full access to Pam’s behind-the-scenes flow and how she built a successful photography business based on mini photography sessions!! Whether you are looking to build a boutique-style for your business or you want to offer mini sessions in conjunction with full sessions, this course has EVERYTHING you need to know! With Pam’s expert knowledge paired with her dreamy Magic Factory Preset Collection you will be on your way to the BEST MINI SESSIONS you’ve ever hosted! But wait, that’s not ALL!! You will also receive a detailed PDF, tutorial videos, business checklist, session guide, mini pre-recorded mentoring session, organizational worksheets, and MORE!! Check out below what’s INCLUDED in this super fun, informative business mindset photography course.

Pamela Salai is a professional Photographer located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She specializes in Child-Family and Studio Portrait Photography and has a beautiful, whimsical, and dream-like editing style. Pamela uses her Magic Factory Preset Collection to achieve her dreamy tones and colors. If you haven’t snagged her presets yet, they are what Lightroom editing dreams are made of!”

Fill your bucket and your pockets with profit.

You are taking the time to invest in an opportunity to make more profit for yourself. Let’s not forget the opportunity to grow your client base, as well. First thing’s first …

Have you dreamed of setting up the perfect mini-session? Did you know that I actually built her photography business by offering unique mini sessions?! I  didn’t use mini sessions to replace my full sessions – but used them as a stepping stone & a sneak peek into booking one other magical FULL session. I used my mini sessions to build her brand, gather clients, & generate a great BUZZ! And guess what – I want to share all of these secrets with YOU! Page by page I give you tips, tricks, and ways to help you master your mini sessions from start to finish. 

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The Magic Factory Minis is a
Glimpse into the behind-the-scenes that go into
building up a business based around offering mini
sessions. Whether you are looking to do the
same, or just wanting to offer supplemental minis
in addition to your full sessions, this course has
everything you need to know to rock them!

66-page Magic Factory Magazine filled with tips, tricks,
secrets, and more to design your perfect mini session

Cost of Doing Business Guide

Mini Session Schedule Guide

 6 videos: Studio Tour, Swag Bag demo, 2 behind the
scenes, upselling products, and business chat

4 BONUS worksheets to help you organize your goals

BONUS PDF focusing on Pam’s creative process

BONUS video: Recorded zoom mentoring session

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Be profitable and Learn to Master mini sessions CODB profit

66-page e-book filled with tips
tricks, gorgeous images,
examples, and more! Also, the cost of
doing business guide and
scheduling guide 

1 studio tour
1 swag bag demo
2 bts videos
upselling product
1 business talk

4 bonus worksheets to
help you organize
your goals
bonus PDF focusing on
Pam’s creative
bonus video of
recorded zoom
mentoring session

It’s me me me – Pammy

Fun Facts: I am a a current Hello Storyteller mentor & pro  I have the honor of saying I have been internationally and nationally published and recognized over twenty times since 2015, beginning with a feature in Momazine, and recently as a campaign photographer for vintage-inspired children’s clothing collection, Runaway Pony.

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My family is my everything. I am happily married to my husband for over a decade, Dave. We have three delightful and fun-loving children (who I use as my muses from time to time): our son, Brody, and twin girls, Harlow and Gabriella.


child-family- maternity

My favorite images are created during that hour before sunset when the Earth is positively illuminated in beautiful light. When I am not outside you can find me in my light and airy studio where I love to tell a different kind of story. My signature look in the studio is at most times whimsical.


little hippie | lots of sunshine

Live by the sun love by the moon. I love Chips & dips ( of all kinds). I collect shells and I see & find hearts all the time. Butterflies are a part of me.

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