Simple & Sweet

Full time mini sessions for children & maternity 


What’s it all about ??

These are a no worry | no fuss quick mini session.

Simple & sweet sessions are offered year round 

 (WHAT! ? !  – yes, you are reading that correctly)

*No set dates ( you book the date through me )

*Most clothing will be provided though my curated studio closet – or I will help find the perfect outfit

*These are really just what they seem SIMPLE & SWEET.

Contact me to book your session today ! Click here 

Contact me to book your session today ! Click here 

*Please note when you book with Pamela Salai photography you are booking a “story telling photographer” not every shot I take is meant to be looking right at the camera smiling. I capture the moments as they are. I include props sometimes if they incorporate into the story.

To in sure my clients receive the personal attention they deserve, I only except a limited number of sessions each month. It is advisable to book your session 2 to 3 months in advance. It is not uncommon for me to be booked out several months.