Studio Rental

Pittsburgh’s Premier Studio Rental

Gorgeous natural light studio rental located in the historical Duetschtown area. We are one of the original and most highly sought after studio rentals.

Open concept studio with beautiful natural light!

Authentic floor to ceiling exposed brick wall


An all pure white wall without distractions of small pipes and beautiful painted white wood floor


Thunder Gray sitting area, as well as an area painted floor to ceileing in thunder gray.

The entire length of the studio is approximately: 28.5 ft long (the white and exposed brick area are the same room)
Room width (room being the white & exposed brick side): 14 ft
Length of white side (back of the wall to edge of the floor): 13 ft
Length of natural wood floor/brick wall side: 15.5 ft
Width of the sitting room area including the gray area: 16ft
Length of the gray area: 5 ft
Width of the gray area: 9.5 ft

+ Misc. chairs & stools

+ Grey floor to ceiling – behind the sitting area

+ Fitting room w. hooks inside

+ Full Length mirror

+ Dress rack

+ Waiting/Sitting area

+ Great for workshops, IPS, meeting with clients mini session or full sessions & more!

+ Our furniture in the studio can be used for sessions.

+ Coat hooks at the entrance way

Items left at the studio for use: Backdrop stand, Reflector with boom, 1, fan, 1 extension cord, misc. chairs & stools ). These items can be found in front enterence or back closet.

*Furniture may rotate in and out or change colors from photos posted above. Please do not book just to use a certain prop seen in any photos. We have a current video on our IG page that shows our current furniture. However, please be advised – things break, things can change at a moment’s notice without any warning, unfortunately. So please do not book specifically to use a piece of furniture. We also suggest renting something if you need something specifically for your shoot. Please inquire first if that is the case.


+ What time of day is best to shoot?

The studio gets amazing natural light throughout the day.

The windows face the east and there are windows that face south

You can diffuse light with long sheer curtains that are provided over the windows if needed or course take them down to allow more light to enter.

Weather plays a huge role in the lighting and we cannot predict what your day will hold. Overall, the natural light in the studio is amazing morning and afternoon and early evening before sundown.

+ Stairs or elevator?

Both. There is an elevator that will take you to the 2nd floor as well as the stairs to the right of the elevator. We have taken a 3 seater couch up both with ease.

+ Is there easy access to the studio?

Street Door: This door locks behind you. Do not prop often for clients. You are responsible for letting your clients into the door. 
Parking: Metered street parking
Landmarks: Look for the “Bistro to Go Cafe ” My door sits to the right of this building. 
My door is on an angle. The glass door reads ” THE HOLLANDER BUILDING ” in the center in white ( there is also a Dentist & Consumer health coalition sign)
Floor: The studio sits on the 2nd floor. 
Walk straight down the hall and when you reach the corner the elevator is on your right. Take it you the 2nd floor. Make a right out of the elevator and I am the last door on your left ( the restroom is outside of my door)
+ How do I get into the studio?
We arrange a key pick-up so you have access to the building and a separate key for the studio.

The main door and studio door are locked 24/7.

The Key is PICK UP ONLY ( you are responsible for picking up  (no more than 30 minutes) and immediately after your session drops off)

*Pick up Locations ar Mccandless Twp, Oakdale Twp., or Mt. Lebanon

+ What dates are open?


+ How do I secure?

Click the contact button below

*Professional photographers with a working website ONLY can secure the studio (if other must be cleared by Pam or Sarah first)*
+ Paying and securing the studio means you agree to ALL our rental policies.

+ take your trash – replace with new bag

+ leaving the studio clean, report damage

+ We have installed motion-sensor cameras. We have had numerous damage to furniture and to the floors from dragging the couches. If the damage is viewed you will be billed for it and banned from the studio if you do not pay the bill. 

+ No nudity in a provocative way is allowed in the studio.

+ Please be respectful of the studio space, furniture, and props. 

+ Do not push or pull anything –please lift & carry.

+ Once furniture is lifted over to the white side I have fluffy furniture movers that go under the legs so you do not scratch the floor – you will be charged a painting & labor fee if you drag furniture that ruins the white floor.

+ If the exposed brick side I have sliders for the furniture legs that can be used to slide into place.

+ Extra studio rental time must be approved by Pam or Sarah. 

+ You are given 15-minute grace before your session time book to set up & 15-minute grace after your session for clean up.

+ Upon payment, you agree to these policies.

+ Your spot is not secured unless payment is made in full.

+ PLEASE make sure you lock the door to the studio when leaving. Do not leave unless you are sure it’s locked!

+ No refunds.

+ Loss of keys will result in you being responsible for a change of locks on the front main door & studio door. 

+ You can move your date once from the original booking date with at least a 30-day notice before your rental date ( you are not guaranteed the date you want when you move. This would be upon availability).

+ You are responsible for payment to any rental company that you rent items from or use furniture from. *If there are any pieces that are still in the studio from a rental company we will email you to explain what piece it is so you are aware before renting. The email will act as your acknowledgment there for holding you responsible for the use.


Welcome to Deutschtown!

Cultural District and next to the north shore  (Also known as East Allegheny)

This awesome area is historical and goes back as far as the 18th century. There are a ton of great shooting spots around the studio on the street & alleyways. There is also West park that is with in walking distance of the studio.

(A few places to stop & eat at as well)

Located above the Bistro to go Cafe on the 2nd floor. There is an elevator or stairs up to our floor. Our door sits on the corner (circled below) It is a bolted locked secure building.

415 East Ohio Street Pittsburgh Pa 15212