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The Magic Factory 

Hi, my darling friends! I am the owner and the creator of The Magic Factory, and this photographer’s corner is dedicated to educating photographers and streamlining image processing.

If you are ready to achieve dreamy tones and colors, you have come to the right place. Photographers can purchase my lightroom presets to process and transform their RAW image files with one click. You then have the flexibility to adjust the settings that best fit the image you are editing. I use my own presets for my commercial and client-based work. 

Are you ready to master your mini-sessions? Are you willing to even host a mini-session? Even if you have tried and were unsuccessful, don’t give up yet! I don’t want to give it all away; however, I built my business by hosting mini-sessions. Pair my Mastering Mini-course with my dreamy Magic Factory Preset Collection you will be on your way to the BEST MINI SESSIONS you’ve ever hosted! But wait, that’s not ALL!! You will receive a detailed PDF, tutorial videos, a business checklist, a session guide, a mini pre-recorded mentoring session, organizational worksheets, and MORE!! Check out below what’s INCLUDED in this super fun, informative business mindset photography course.

If whimsy | light and airy is what speaks to your heart. All the feels. It’s a dream come true after eight years of shooting; my passion for creating and living with my head in the clouds in this behind-the-scenes, day-long workshop recorded from the Live Run for you! Get ready to crack open a can of light & airy magic because I am about to bring it to you in full force! I invite you to her “second home,” a.k.a. her Studio, where she creates all her magical Light & Airy images. Her Studio is a white, floor-to-ceiling space with one large window of light and other pools of light that pour in from surrounding areas.

Video tutorials, as well as mentoring sessions, are available.

Contact me for more details.

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