How it works

1. Secure your session in my books with a Creative Fee: 350

The creative fee is separate from your collection investment. The collection investment is due in cash or check on the day of your session. The creative fee includes my time and talent. The expected session time is up to 60-90 min. I take great pride in being fully involved with my clients from the moment you first contact me until you receive your stunning finished product.

Complimentary styling services are included with each session type. The styling link will be emailed within 24-48 hours of your creative fee’s confirmation payment.

A consultation phone call will be available to answer any additional questions before & during your booking process. The main collections are for six humans and or animals (you can add on). The client selects all final images through a private online soft-proofing gallery. The final gallery should be delivered 5-6 weeks after you choose your favorite photographs.

2. What collection suits you best?



– 40 images

– 5×7 gift print of each image

– all included images delivered digitally via direct download




– 30 images

– 5×7 gift print of each image

– all included images delivered digitally via direct download




– 20 images

– 4×6 gift print of each image

– all included images delivered digitally via direct download


High School Senior collections are seperate. Please CLICK HERE 

Looking for a mini session? click here.

3. What session type best fits you?

There are four session types in all. Full descriptions can be found by clicking the collection links below. Three session types ( Whimsy, Poetic, and Classic & Pure), you have the option to choose the collection (platinum, gold, silver). Ultimate Whimsy is the only one that is a stand-alone type/package.

Don’t let this part overwhelm you. I can walk you through it.

classic & pure
ultimate whimsy

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What Collection do I want?

Let’s chat! There is no reason to pick a collection and end up unhappy with what you selected.  Let’s figure out which one that is together.

Can i alter a collection?

I do not alter collections. You can personalize them by adding on a La Carte.

Do you offer minis?

Yes, I offer full-time minis only for children/maternity

please refer to Simple and Sweet on Page 24

I also offer limited edition minis times throughout the year for families & children. It is best to be on my Email list to get notifications on those releases. They sell out quickly.

can I print my own photos?

Here is a little bit about your photos. All images are copyright of Pamela Salai photography. I highly recommend it, but you are not obligated to purchase professional prints through me. I print through MUSEA LAB; they are premium products and use archival papers. The quality is higher, will last longer, and is a professional grade. I make sure of proper cropping & color. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

I am not responsible for images you print on your own. WARNING: big box store quality has very low-quality papers and ink. It’s Illegal to copy, edit or alter the photos in any way, or use the images for any commercial use without my permission first.

I do allow & encourage posting to social media – please tag me @pamela_salai_photography

How do I reserve a spot in your calendar?

Send me a message using the contact me button above.