Senior photography sessions are an absolute delight! In Pittsburgh, it’s senior season, typically Spring, Summer, and Fall ( with the occasional snow session), and I’m here to capture your brilliance. We’ll spend around 90 minutes outdoors, crafting a stunning collection filled with various outfits and picturesque locations. Embrace the idea of professional makeup on the shoot day to ensure you look and feel your absolute finest. Additionally, for those who prefer a studio setting, that option is available too.

Once our session concludes, I will deliver via a private link to an online proofing gallery for you to view in the comfort of your own home. You can make your selections and place your order.

Included within my creative fee are your session duration, the revealing experience (virtual), and the personalized design that accompanies every senior journey.

*To ensure my clients receive the personal attention they deserve, I only accept a limited number of sessions each month. It is advisable to book your session 2 to 3 months in advance as it is not uncommon for me to be booked out several months.


– My time & talent while working with you

– Interactive Stylist & Personal Shopping Tool

– Professional proofing gallery & detailed hand editing

– Secures your date in my calendar


(Minimum in addition to the Creative Fee)

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A high school senior session, often referred to as a senior portrait session, is a photoshoot specifically designed to capture images of graduating high school seniors. This session is meant to commemorate this important milestone and reflect the senior’s personality, interests, and style. Here’s what you can generally expect during a high school senior session:

1. Pre-Session Preparation:

Scheduling: Schedule your session as early as the summer of your junior year.

Consultation:  I do not take much time out of your busy schedule. This is to discuss your preferences, style, and ideas for the shoot.

Location Selection: You will have the choice of a studio, an outdoor location, or a combination of both.

Wardrobe Planning: Plan on Bringing a variety of outfits that represent your personality and style. Consider bringing outfits that range from casual to formal and reflect your hobbies or interests.

Props: If desired, you can bring props that highlight your hobbies, sports, musical instruments, or anything significant to you.

2. During the Session:

Photographer’s Guidance: I will provide direction on poses, expressions, and positions to help you look your best.

Variety of Shots: You’ll engage in various poses, angles, and expressions to capture a range of images.

Background Changes: I like shooting in multiple locations, to get different looks.

Candid Moments: I like to capture candid moments between posed shots to show your natural expressions.

3. Post-Session Process:

Photo Selection: After the session, you’ll be presented with a soft proofing gallery online of images to choose from.

Editing and Retouching: The chosen photos will undergo professional editing and retouching to enhance colors, lighting, and overall quality.

Gallery Presentation: You’ll receive a final gallery online to download of edited images to review and share with family and friends.

Digital Copies: You’ll receive digital copies of the selected images for personal use and sharing on social media.

4. Ordering Prints and Products:

Prints: You will have the option to order prints of your favorite images in various sizes.

5. Timeline:

The entire process can take a few weeks, from scheduling the session to receiving the final edited images. It’s recommended to schedule your session well before your graduation date.


Communicate with your photographer about your preferences and ideas for the shoot.

Be yourself and have fun during the session. Authenticity often leads to the best photos.

Consider bringing outfits and props that showcase your interests and passions.

Remember that the specific details and offerings can vary based on your needs and wants. I want to ensure you get the experience and photos that you envision for your high school senior session.


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