No matter what session type you choose, they are all an experience that fits your unique personality and style.

My editing style is personalized by location, family, and lighting. My goal is to have consistency in my work, so you know it’s my signature look. However, not to have the same-looking images over and over. Who wants to look like everyone else?

When you are ready to book a session, booking is as straightforward as possible. First, you’ll choose your session type (below), then your collection (contact me for pricing), and last we’ll select a date!

I offer four different types of sessions to select from. The type of session you need depends on who you want the session’s focus to be– your family, your child(ren), or maybe you want the full-on whimsical experience.

All collections include full-resolution digital files in your gallery along with gift prints. Collections start at $1145 + the creative fee of 350

Complimentary styling services are included.

Please inquire via email for a detailed breakdown of collections.

*To ensure my clients receive the personal attention they deserve, I only accept a limited number of sessions each month. It is advisable to book your session 2 to 3 months in advance as it is not uncommon for me to be booked out several months.

FlipThe Art of Whimsy

This session will document your family in a natural & playful “in the moment way.”

Posing will be loving & snuggling with your family. Poetic & organic movements, natural play, high/low energy. Genuine laughs, sitting on the ground, dancing. Letting the magic unfold naturally allows me to tell your authentic story.

My goal will be to capture dimpled cheeks, hugs & kisses & natural moments happening as they happen.

Location: Organic, rural or urban


– unique one-of-a-kind family portraits

– lifestyle focused images

– families who prefer real life moments

crop Poetic 2023

This session is sweet & simple.

Traditional posing with no fuss, Capturing beautiful, timeless images.

Sometimes simple and sweet is all you need. Lighting is a factor, however; it will not overwhelm your photos with whimsy.

Location: Uncomplicated, urban or rural


– classic family portaits

– sibling portaits

– HS seniors

– daddy/mommy & me’s

crop Classic Pure 2023

This session will wrap you in Golden hour & whimsy.

Luminous warm light, and magic will embrace you in this collection.

Posed, interactive moments.

Specific Locations & times are used to achieve golden hour at its finest much like Ultimate whimsy without all the bells and whistles of props and extras goodies from that collection.

This signature whimsical look with its quintessential lighting will leave you wanting more.


whimsical family session

session for child 3+

– session for couples

crop Whimsy 2023
Stand-alone collection

This collection is extraordinary, unique & Ultimate.

A concept is created by stepping into your family’s world. Do you love to travel? Perhaps you love going to the lake, camping, and going to the zoo. Maybe this is for your child, and they love rocket ships or tea parties.

Just imagine taking these loves & watching them come to life in the most magical way.

Location: Magical & suited to the concept


– ultra unique, one-of-kind family portait

– child (milestone)

– siblings

crop Ultimate Whimsy 2023

The Creative fee is non-refundable and non-transferable (details apply that I will go over with you). Your creative fee does not include your images, either digital or printed. These are included in the collection that you choose.

Raw images are never given or sold. Soft-proofing images are never given or sold