Hello there!

Thank you for being so interested in Pamela Salai Photography. I can’t wait to get to know you and your family or your HS senior to be. 

I want to introduce myself. BIG HUGS ( I am a hugger) and a sparkly hello to you all. My name is Pamela ( Often I go by Pammy), and I am the photographer , dream maker and artist behind Pamela Salai photography. I fell in love with photography as a teenager in high school. I have worked in front of the camera as a professional model for 10+ years, and now you can find me behind the camera. Professionally for 11+ years. It has become not only my career but my passion.

I live by the sun and love by the moon.  I see hearts everywhere, and butterflies are a part of my soul. 

“I am fueled by imagination!”

I have been internationally and nationally published and recognized over twenty times since 2015, beginning with a feature in Momazine and recently as a campaign photographer for a dance academy and a few different children’s clothing companies. I am also a pro mentor.

My family is my everything. My husband Dave and I have been happily married for over a decade. We have three delightful and fun-loving children (who I use as my muses from time to time): our son, Brody, and twin girls, Harlow and Gabriella. 

WARNING: I will make bad jokes and laugh at them for our entire session if it makes your children laugh with or at me! 

Learning about you and your family during our consultation assists me in portraying your authentic story. I believe childhood is meant to be indulged, that family portraits don’t need to be serious, and it’s alright to have an elegant settee in the middle of a forest! Your experience with Pamela Salai Photography will be genuinely custom – one-of-a-kind and unique – just like you.