April 17, 2023


Pittsburgh Sakura Project | Cherry blossom portrait sessions

The blooms are the first promise of spring.



The Pittsburgh Sakura Project is an initiative aimed at planting cherry blossom trees throughout the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The project was launched in 2015 by the nonprofit organization, the Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania (JASP), in an effort to promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of the Japanese culture.

The cherry blossom, also known as sakura in Japanese, is a symbol of renewal, hope, and beauty in Japanese culture. Every year, the arrival of the cherry blossoms in Japan is celebrated with the traditional Hanami festival, during which people gather under the blooming trees to appreciate their beauty and reflect on the fleeting nature of life.

The Pittsburgh Sakura Project has planted cherry blossom trees in several locations throughout the city, including parks, public spaces, and schools. The project has also organized various events and activities to promote the appreciation of Japanese culture, such as traditional tea ceremonies, cultural festivals, and educational programs.

The project has received support from various organizations and individuals, including the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, the City of Pittsburgh, and the Japanese government. It has also inspired similar initiatives in other cities across the United States.

Overall, the Pittsburgh Sakura Project is a beautiful and meaningful way to bring a touch of Japan to the city of Pittsburgh and promote cultural exchange and understanding.



I get asked ALL THE TIME where do I go for cherry blossom sessions as if I have a secret spot – I do not.  So I thought it would be helpful to show you the local north park map that they provide their website CLICK HERE

They also have a facebook page 

Please keep in mind. That not only photographers want to admire the beauty of these trees in bloom – so do others! So if you go to do a photo session please be respectful. Do not PULL at the tress or the the flowers petals that is super disrespectful!





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Pamela Salai Photography is a Pittsburgh local. Specializing in Child Photography, maternity, and family.

Pamela photographs in the surrounding areas: not limited to McCandles Township, Wexford, Franklin Township, Sewickley Township, Butler County, Cranberry Township, and Washington County.

Available for travel (fees apply)

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I use natural light and organic settings to create custom magic for each session.



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