Branding Lifestyle session

For Pittsburgh small business owner or local entrepreneur

Branding Lifestyle session

Are you a small business owner or a local entrepreneur?

If you, are you know the importance of being more memorable, personable, and relatable throughout your business and marketing materials

A branding lifestyle photoshoot is much more different than the headshot your need for LinkedIn. This session is much more relaxed and it captures you naturally in your business environment.  I highly recommend doing them once a year. Stay fresh and continue to match your brand aesthetic. You want customers to feel that your photos reflect your brand story.


Branding lifestyle photoshoots create a connection with your ideal client. Showcasing your personality and places you like grab a coffee or hang out. When your clients are more relatable to you and have a connection, they are more likely to hire you. When we are done you will have an updated headshot, Images for social media, content for your website, and more.

How Should I Prepare for my Branding Lifestyle Session? 


Let’s start here: What is your Brand Identity? This is your logo, brand colors, visuals, for my personal branding sessions, I want my images to feel fresh, light, and all about YOU and your team. Your session is a direct translation of your brand identity, and who I am personally


After we create a shot list it’s ideal to have a photo for each. This will ensure your gallery of images has lots of variety. Variety is key if one of the main reasons you’re getting a branding photoshoot is for social media.

For a 1.5-hour session, I suggest up to 5 outfit changes.

For your outfits, the first goal is to feel comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable and consistently pulling at your clothing, it will kill your confidence and that energy will come through in your photos.

You also want to make sure that your outfits match your overall brand identity visually, physically, and emotionally.

The props that you bring for your branding photoshoot will all depend on the shot list. Some of the most common items my clients bring to branding photoshoots are:

cute mug

fluid to  fill the mug (Champagne is ok 😉


computer, Ipad, laptop


pretty pen

products, if applicable



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Pamela Salai Photography is a Pittsburgh local. Specializing in Child Photography, maternity, and family.

Pamela photographs in the surrounding areas: not limited to McCandles Township, Wexford, Franklin Township, Sewickley Township, Butler County, Cranberry Township, and Washington County.

Available for travel (fees apply)

 If you would like more information regarding booking a custom session with Pamela Salai Photography, please click here or contact me directly by clicking on the contact button at the top of my website or email me at

I use natural light and organic settings to create custom magic for each session.



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