child of the universe, adventure awaits

Everyone tells you how special life is. Everyone tells you what it feels like to have a child. The moment your child enters the world its like no other moment. There is another half that I hope no one has to bear .No one tells you how it rips your heart out when they fall, when they feel defeated and when you can’t save them.

Sure … they are going to fall …how do you learn to walk with out falling. Sure they will feel defeated …how else do learn that you can not win everything. There should not ever be a moment when you feel that you can not save them.

My son is so special to me. All my kids are special of course – each in their own way. What you may not know is the Brody had a brother- Dustin. Dustin was actually supposed to be named “Brody” and visa versa . However, to honor the loss of our child we named our child that walks the earth Brody.

I lost Dustin April 8th, 2011

He was 37 1/2 weeks old. He was a child. He was one of my babies. I never got to hold him. I never got to see the color of his eyes or watch him grow. I felt like something was stolen from me. Part of my heart that I will never get back. Life is not fair. However, I have Brody and then the years to follow his twin sisters Harlow and Gabriella .

I always wonder what Dustin would be like. If Brody and him would be best friends, if they would love the same things …What I do know is that I have an angel and Brody has a guardian angel. No one can take that away!

I tell you all of this because I have learned talking about it is ok. I am allowed to have feelings and talk about my feelings – it is in a sense my own therapy. I also tell you this because there is a child innocents when they are young. There is this imagination that is bigger than the universe we live in and every child should have this capture and frozen so they can look back and remember all their favorite things, moments and memories of childhood.

I have promised myself and my children that I will capture them every year. Every year I will have them tell me their favorite things & together we will create their magical sessions. This year my son and I created his star theme adventure session. Which included BOYS ONLY rocket ship so he could fly high into the skies ( because lord knows with 2 sisters it’s hard for him to get his OWN time with out females – hahah. )

Pamela Salai Photography is a Pittsburgh Child Photographer also specializing in maternity, family in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas including but not limited to McCandles Township, Wexford, Franklin Township, Sewickley Township, Butler County, Cranberry Township, and Washington County.

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Often I am asked about client wardrobe. I  provide a curated wardrobe for my child clients and maternity sessions. Often these outfits can be seen through out my photos. When you book your session I will further discuss this options with you along with the stylist options I provide.

I use natural light and organic settings to create custom magic for each session.

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