February 8, 2018


Number 1 why you should print your photos through your photographer

Print your photos


Below is an example why I believe it’s best to print through your photographer. I had a client reach out to me because she was ready to place her gallery order. One of the images she requested was a 16×20 wrapped canvas. When I dropped the image into my lab I was super unhappy with the crop and knew right away I had to make this right. I took the photo into photoshop and did the necessary editing to make sure that when I dropped it back into the 16×20 canvas it would wrap nicely. In addition to do that I also made the necessary retouching I felt the canvas needed to make sure it would look it’s best at the 16×20 size.

The problem that most clients do not understand is these extra steps that unfortunately are unable to do. Even if you are experienced in photoshop

1. You are not supposed to retouch your files

2. We have the original file size so we can work on the raw file without harming the image in quality.

This is a grand example. I know that sometimes you look at the prices and think YIKES I can just go print this myself through a big box company and save $100’s of dollars. However, you are only hurting yourself. Again, I do additional post process work to assure that your image looks it’s best at the size you are wishing to print. I make sure the crop if correct – sometimes even when an image “fits” – sometimes it can use additional love to make sure it top quality – as it should be !

My professional labs I use will print the images in the quality they are meant to be. The paper is UV safe ( safe form fading). The color corrections are correct.

When you use big box store the quality gets hacked , the ink they use is not top quality , the paper is typically not UV safe and they slap on their own color correction further more ruining your image that you paid top dollar for.









Pamela Salai Photography is a Pittsburgh Child Photographer also specializing in maternity, family in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas including but not limited to McCandles Township, Wexford, Franklin Township, Sewickley Township, Butler County, Cranberry Township, and Washington County.

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Often I am asked about client wardrobe. I  provide a curated wardrobe for my child clients and maternity sessions. Often these outfits can be seen through out my photos. When you book your session I will further discuss this options with you along with the stylist options I provide.

I use natural light and organic settings to create custom magic for each session.



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