Prayers for Marybear | I believe in miracles …bring Mary home for Christmas

I believe in miracles!

I am not great at words… sometimes things come rambling out that I don’t mean to say . I will do my best to open my heart and put my words onto this page. I have known Mary for just about 3 years. Her mum brought her to me for Valentine’s Day mini sessions. I will never forgot Jaime telling me how stubborn Mary was and didn’t want to get her photos done. ha ha ! She said don’t tell her she looks cute or pretty – kinda really hard because Mary was the sweetest , cutest thing EVER ! Freckles dabble her cheeks, she has big beautiful eyes and she is just full of spit and vinegar. She won my heart immediately and even the heart of my assistant at the time Cindy. Also, winning the heart of everyone she met at all of my sessions. I continued to photograph Mary for the years to come. Jaime tried to book all of my sessions even when at times when she had so much going on …she said how important it was to her to keep capturing Mary through the years.

It became so clear that Mary ( like myself) was a huge animal lover (unicorn lover )- I mean … I am not even kidding when I tell you that she really is a horse/unicorn whisperer. She is such a kind, beautiful soul. She lights up a room and her laugh is infectious.

I could go on for a day writing about how wonderful she truly is. Even at those times we begged her to put on a dress and a little bit of makeup – haaha Jaime are you laughing ?


Jaime, you know I love you both dearly! I grow great bonds with my clients & their children. They truly feel like my own at times !

Ryan, ( dad of Mary) I know I did not know you personally. However, I have been told that Mary was  your world as well and I know you to be an extraordinary Dad. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter.


Below are 3 prayers. If you could please take a minute and pray for MaryBear

If you are not the praying type please just send out some positive vibes for her!



To explain what has been going on …

Since Jaime and I are friends and linked on facebook I have her post's copy & posted below so everyone has a place to come and visit for updates. She has such an overwhelming response on her personal page her post are getting lost in the shuffle.


* Edited to add ( A lot of you are asking if she has any previous medical conditions…from what I am personally aware of – no. All the facts of what her mum Jaime posted are below from the day of the fever until her current post.) 

November 28th 

Her mum writes ” I had to keep my baby bear home today because of a really high fever. Let’s just pray that something other than a fever appears!”

November 29th 12:58 pm

Her mum writes”: Pretty traumatic morning here. Please send prayers our way. Mary had a really bad seizure and is admitted to the PICU. She is still not awake yet. I will update when we know more. Just keep my baby bear in your prayers.:

November 29th 6:13 pm:

Her mum writes: “As of right now, Mary’s baseline hasn’t changed. She’s still out of it and hasn’t woken up yet. She has had an amazing team here at Children’s loving and caring for her.

She’s had a CT, blood cultures, lumbar puncture, and a lot of blood work done. Next step is the MRI. They’ve diagnosed her with encephalopathy and possibly bacterial meningitis.
Thank you to everyone reaching out to us. All we can ask for is your prayers.”


November 30th

Her mum writes: “It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. Shocking, I know. Mary still hasn’t woken up yet but I have faith that it’s only a matter of time. All of her labs and tests have come back okay so far (which is wonderful). She is on several antibiotics and seizure medications. I am praying that she finally can emerge from this postictal state and it able to go live on Facebook (something you all know she loves).
Her nurse tonight has gone above and beyond. When Mary went down for her MRI, my biggest fear was that she would move her arms or legs and they would have to sedate her. Sedating her could have caused her airway to be compromised leading her to be intubated. Not to mention further delaying her to wake up. Her nurse, Jill, laid with Mary on the MRI table so that Mary didn’t move and felt someone there with her. My heart is just bursting with love for this nurse because of the genuine care and compassion she has given my daughter. (And that’s just one of the very MANY things she’s done for Mary and us tonight.)
I’m laying in her ICU bed with her right now, praying. Wanting to wake up from this nightmare. Praying she will open her eyes, praying for strength, praying that this never happens again but thankful to know that if it does, there are nurses like Jill to love and protect our babies when the hospital red tape goes up for parents and they can’t be with their children.
#chp #upmc


December 1st

Her mum writes: “Well around 4am yesterday Mary started having seizures again. By 6am her pupils were fixed and unequal. She was intubated by my hero at the beside and then rushed to the OR. They did a decompression, craniectomy and placed a drain. They brought Mary back to the ICU alive. Her pupils are dilated and fixed. She is currently connected to the eeg machine again. We were told we have to wait 48 hours to see if her brain swelling goes down. Her numbers are extremely high (70-80) and they are walking a fine line with her blood pressure. Certain meds needed to increase blood flow to her brain, cause the swelling to progress. We need a miracle. Please pray. My whole world is shutting down. I just can’t.”

December 1st 10:23pm

Her mum writes : “Tonight took a turn for the worse. Mary crashed. The did everything that they could and brought her back. Her brain has been severely swollen for far too long. It hasn’t been getting rough oxygen to it to survive. They will start the testing tomorrow to determine if she has any brain activity, but it is not look optimistic. We decided if Mary’s heart stops beating again, to let her rest. No more pounding on her tiny little chest, no more shocking her, just letting her go to rest with angels. I never realized how horrible it is being in the medical field and know what’s happening and to anticipate next. Mary needs a miracle. If you have any stashed away, I’d be eternally grateful for it. This world will never be the same. Smiles, love, and laughter like that are priceless.”



December 2nd

(in my own words I wanted to add)

(at this time there has not been an update of what was the exact cause … if something is stated I will update )

Marybear is growing her wings and is giving a Christmas miracle to others by donating her organs.(as mum Jaime had told me) She will be forever never forgotten , missed and loved. She has touched so many people that she doesn’t even know. She will live on through memories and the gift that she has given others from herself.

God Bless sweet little one! I will miss you !

<3 My condolences to the family <3


December 2nd 

Jaime wrote : “Mary was unable to pass her two tests. I’m laying in bed with her right now and probably the biggest disaster anyones ever seen. We decided to donate Mary’s organs in hope to save others lives and instill her beautiful and loving personality. While she has been pronounced brain dead, her heart is still beating for all to hear. Please keep prayer for her organs to find good homes to those that truly need them. Thank you all for your love and kindness to Mary and I thought out this horrible nightmare.”


December 5th 2017

Jaime wrote : “My sweet little side kick gained her wings last night. It’s still unclear what cause everything to happen. They only thing that came back abnormal was the EBV. Mono, seriously?! Other than this last week, she hasn’t been sick. Mary Claire was able to share piece of herself with other children across the country. Pray for this children. Thank you all with everything I have left to be thankful for, for loving and supporting Mary and I through this nightmare. The amount of love and support this community has given to us has been unbelievable.

I apologize if you stopped to see us in the ICU and I just couldn’t talk. My heart is empty and numb right now. And I just can’t.

I have spoken with Mary’s girlfriend Olivia’s mom and her daughter is doing some really amazing things to honor my Marybear.

Please hug and snuggle your loved ones for me, because you don’t know when the last time you’ll see their smile will be.
Myself or someone controlling my Facebook will post funeral updates for you all.




*I apologize if I have left any details out. I did not write this as a professional writer. No one asked me to do this … I wrote this for all of those who are following along that have been asking what is going on with this sweet girl. Some of which you know , some of which you don’t … The power of prayer is stronger than you believe. Please keep your hopes high and lets bring Mary home for Christmas !


GO FUND ME LINK ( set up by Mary’s aunt )


>>Locals in the Pittsburgh area are also collecting $5.00 Beanie Boos it a special project that Olivia  has made in honor of her good friend Mary .

Local Schools such as McKnight Elem & Franklin Elem. are collecting as well as some caring adults. I have a contact on my facebook page if you are a local – please reach out to her.

“On Friday night we delivered a unicorn beanie boo to the hospital for Mary. We then heard of her passing on Saturday night. In honor of Mary, Olivia thought it would be a nice idea to collect five dollar beanie boo’s or a cash donation to buy them for each child at Children’s Hospital. I sent out a text to friends early Sunday morning and by 3 o’clock we had over 300 beanie boo’s. The generosity of others is overwhelming. Friends or telling friends and everyone has been wanting to donate. Each beanie boo will have a unicorn tag put on it in honor of Mary. ( She loved unicorns).
This has been a coping mechanism for Olivia. And I’m sure it would be for other children that knew Mary and would like to honor her. She takes joy in knowing that Mary’s death did not go in vain. And that her memory will be eternal through the “Mary” Christmas project. Thank you friends. Please keep sending loving thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. Mary touched so many lives”

You’re with us.
Though you are not seen,
We know that you stay by our side.

You love us,
More than we could know,
And you feel each tear that we cry.

We trust you,
To take hold of our hands,
Until we’re recovered and well.

You promise to,
Comfort and care,
Until we are laughing and playing again.

Thank you Jesus.



O Lord God, I come to You for help and succor.
You have afflicted my child [child’s name].
Help me to understand that You mean well.
Give me grace to bear my child’s affliction with patience and strength.
Bless me, O Father, and restore my child Mary to health.
Do not forsake us, but give us an assurance of Your loving Kingdom.
Bless this illness to me and my child [child’s name], and help us both to be better children of Yours because of it.
In the name of Your Holy Son Jesus Christ. Amen!


Saint Nicholas, who like the Savior,
loved children so tenderly and gave generously to those in need,
listen to us who plead for this sick child
who is so dear to our hearts.

We thank God for the great gift of our child
and we pray that He relieve this child of pain
and free him/her from suffering.
Obtain strength when he/she is weary,
hope when discouraged,
and joy when downhearted.
May the Lord, through your intercession,
restore perfect health if such be His divine will.



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