Pittsburgh Child, Family and Maternity photographer | You booked! Now what ?

Yay ! You booked – now what ?

For starters congratulations on booking a professional photographer.

If this is your first time or if this is your 5th time with me I will make sure to make it memorable and fun ( fun-is not an option 😉 it just happens )

There probably was so much going on when choosing the right photographer. Now that you have chosen me. Let’s get to some of the fun stuff.

I am here to break down some fun extra’s for you to think about.

If you chose my Signature collection these are the questions I want you to look over 

*One: Do you want to add on a stylist ?

A stylist is a great way to get your family looking clean, put together and blending nicely. Oh, did I mention less work for you to think about. 75% of my clients go with this option. It’s very affordable too!

( I have clients use my stylist for Maternity, Children and Family sessions -it’s not limited to just family)

*This option is included in the Daydream collection



*Two: Do you want to add on a makeup and/or hair artist

I have 3 children. I know that anytime I get my photos done the last thing I want to worry about is doing my makeup. I want to make sure to look my best – not my hair thrown into some mess because I didn’t have time to do it …or have car makeup done because I was getting everyone else dressed ( you know what I am taking about 😉 )

*This option is included in the Daydream collection



Three: Would you like to rent a large prop – such as a settee ?

Included in your creative fee | collection is already is a few props that are included – these typically are smaller things .

However, sometimes you don’t need/want all those props and a simple beautiful settee set in a field is all your need ( example above) . If that is the case I work closely with a rental company that we can pick out the perfect settee or couch or even chair for your set for you to rent.

Four: Animals … I LOVE animals , I LOVE working with animals. Do you know I have accesses to Farm and Exotic animals ( like a zebra or camel ) If you want to add on an animal of some sorts please let me know and we can arrange one for you to rent.

Who doesn’t love puppies 😀

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Last but not least ! Thank you again for booking !