Creating magical memories : Children like consistency

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You know those great pair of jeans you own that you just love ?

That is kinda what it’s like when you find a photographer that you love.

Ok … so were not a pair of jeans. We are that awesome pair of jeans that you know & love & will hold onto forever.

Or even will purchase over & over even though they are the most expensive jeans you ever bought ( it’s what we do for love)

(Why ? What ? Wait – what is she talking about? )

I have watched this happen personally in a few different ways. So that is why I thought it was important to tell you all.

Ok- get to the point ( right ?)

Lol, ok so this is what I mean.

I have had the pleasure of watching some couples become families and watch their children grow

I have have seen families come & go & some come back again

I have had some that I have only seen once

Here is what I have observed. Your children get use to me. Which is great !

Children like consistency.

it builds trust ( with trust your get real personalities )

When you bounce around to once photographer to the next most children start of timid.

Sometimes never warming up into the end when it’s to late ( this is esp. tough when it’s a mini)

Hey – I get it ! I like a good deal too. Esp. when your next to favorite jeans are on sale & who doesn’t love more than one pair of jeans – right ?

I know this all sounds kind or silly.

My point is… try to stick with consistency for the kids. Even if it’s between 1 or 2 photographers

I love watching you become families and watching your children grow & your family

I have watched children be timid & afraid to being themselves ( which what parent doesn’t love actually capture your child in true spirit )

I hope to see you all over & over.

Thank you for the most fabulous 2016 !!!

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