Creating magical memories : Capture those memories between the photos sessions

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I am a mum, a wife, a sister , a daughter oh and a photographer .

You probably think I have the most amazing photos of my kids going to the zoo, baking cookies , playing etc…

Eh’ not really.  90% are cell phone photos


LOL. Ok , so they are amazing in the fact that I have them & that I have saved them . Not so amazing that I don’t “always” have my “big girl camera” with me to capture these moments. It’s ok! I am ok with it – you should be too.

Today’s blog was inspired by my friend Heather & Sarah  (both fellow Pittsburgh photographer’s )

The conversation started with Heather messaging Sarah and I .

“Ok. So I’m having a moment right now where I’m stressing out over capturing more “in the moment” photos. I suck at this!!! I’m talking even with my own family. I never pull out the camera.”…

Sarah following to say that she has attempted a couple times already & her tween wasn’t quite corroborating  “I’m even planning something with (her daughter) this evening for the 3rd time. The other 2 were a disaster”

This is what I said…

Hey ladies !!!
I totally get it too . There are a few ways to try to tackle this issue .
( insert take my own advice because I suck at it too )
Leave your camera out .
Don’t be afraid to shoot in jpeg – this eliminates “more” extra work . You can still edit … if you get it straight of of camera as best you can editing in jpeg isn’t a big deal
Don’t be afraid to use your cell phone.
You can export photos from your phone into an editing program too.
Lastly don’t beat yourself up . Don’t compare yourself to others .
It’s great to follow others for inspiration keep it as that . They have now inspired you to capture more life moments .
So move forward with that . Staged or not staged .
Don’t get upset on what you didn’t do or could’ve done.
It’s your life !
We have no clue how difficult it is on there end … sometimes the grass looks greener & it not always is.


1/2 of my vacation last year was captured on my iPhone .