Pittsburgh magical child Photographer : I am an artist

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” I am an artist”

These are power words ! Aren’t they ? I mean … There are so many types of artist. Painter, actors, designers … the list goes on. What makes you an artist verses the other adjective. I really believe it’s an inner feeling. No one has to tell you what you are. It’s what you believe you are.

However, when I first started (2012) I called myself a photographer. I was 100% ok with that. You should be 100% ok with it too! There is no right or wrong. For me …One day I looked at myself and realized. Wow. I am more than that now. Yes, I create memories. Yes, I take photos. However, now I feel that I create with my images. For example : When I get a call or an email from a client that is interested in getting photos of their child. I say Wonderful. You came to the right place 🙂 . Next important questions “Am the “artist” for you? ” I immediately send them to my client guide  which I designed for my clients as a magazine to reference their session. What to expect. How to expect it to happen & more.

Time to create

( I secretly say EKKKK! …ok so sometimes while I am on the phone I say this out loud too when I come up with a concept that is really exciting . LOL.) 

Sometimes my concepts are built on imagination. Sometimes based off a book or a stuff animal they love. No matter where the source comes from it’s always 100% about the child. Simple concept or big concept. To me they are all magical & all amazing to me !


I hope you find inspiration in what you do .

You know what they say right ?

When you love what you do you never work a day in your life !

This to me is 100% true. I love my family. I have an amazing husband. 3 beautiful children. All who support me and love what I do as a mum and as an artist !


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