Creating magical memories : DIY flower prop drop

(continued series for photographers)

Hey everyone !

Sorry it’s been a while since I have blogged. I think it’s been busy season for me since May.

I have a fun DIY project for you today . I am not sure if it has a technical name – I am just going to call it the “flower prop drop” 🙂

I have done a fun flower prop back drop before in 2014. (different style) I took foam board thumbtacked moss ( which later cloned out) and pinned red & white roses. This served as my backdrop for my twins first birthday session. ( no judging on the photo I had only been shooting for about a year plus )

This worked for the purpose of the shoot . However , it was no long term – I didn’t want it to be . I wasn’t sure when I could use it again . I of course kept the moss, flowers and foam board for future props 😉

So it’s now it’s fall time here in Pittsburgh .

I had this a 6 month milestone photo shoot coming up. I wanted to bring something light & airy to the session to match the Little’s room at home . However, outside wasn’t an option it was a cold week. Mom told me about this flower mobile she had in baby Grayce’s room that she made. It gave me the inspiration I needed for this session .

Tools needed :
Peg board
Hot glue gun

I purchased the peg board at my local home improvement store ( Home Depot )

The size I chose for this project : 23″ x 31″

(it doesn’t have to be this size . I had no reason for this size other than eye balling what I thought I needed) 

The flowers I purchased at a local craft store – I chose “real touch ” flowers because I felt like the colors fit the look best for what I was going for.
I will say they are very expensive – even on sale.

(don’t feel like you NEED these flowers …this is what worked for me set – try different things) 

I didn’t need to cut the flowers – the tops pulled right off.

Not all the flowers fit through the peg holes. I found it to not be an issue because I just used more hot glue to secure the flower to the board .

I left a space in the center – I am not sure that was really necessary. I am going to fill it in ( this way I can use it has a back drop for a future session )


(forgive the quality I took these with my cell phone not realizing how many people would be interested on the “HOW TO” Otherwise I would have taken “pretty” photos of the making of it all ) 


Remember !

In the end – we are a community of photographers!

We are to be inspired by others not copy. My ideas come from my head. I may have seen something similar at one point in time. However, my intention is never to “copy”. I hope I have inspired you !