Pittsburgh Family Photographer | Mellon Park Classic and still keeping it Magical 

There is something about a classic family photo that has it’s own set of magic.

The light, the clothes and the bringing back to the basic’s with out props ( oh yea … you didn’t know … I do that too 😉 )

I know – I know… You are all so use to me using props. However, creating a story doesn’t always mean using props.

When the mom contacted me about family photos I wanted to do something different for them. I knew right away that we were going to use Mellon Park.

The light is very magical & I love the stone with greenery popping through on the sides. So when I styled them we actually played off the colors of the park (The stone actually) Mom wore a beautiful strapless dress that had an accent ruffle at the top. Showing off her beautiful art on her arm. We put the daughter in a tutu du monde came tank top. Classic & cute for age pairing it with a gray tulle skirt to make her feel like a princess. Their son dressed so adorable in his little vest & button that match daddy. It all just pulled together for a magical classic photoshoot.

What do you all think ?