Pittsburgh Family Photographer | Magical Light Mommy & Me’s

Ahhhh! Sometimes I look at photos & it takes me back to that moment. It’s such a feel good moment. I mean… I love what I do – so taking me back to any moment that I am doing what I love brings all sorts of butterflies.

I love getting to know my clients & I also love watching my clients grow. Last winter Kelly Searle referred this client over to me for Holiday mini’s. I have now had the pleasure of watching her beautiful family grow through holidays & birthdays & special moments like these.

It’s so important to get yourself in front of the camera. Yes, mommy’s I am talking to you !! You all know that you are the ones holding the camera 90% of the time . Grabbing those adorable moments of daddy snuggling with the babies. Your lover holding your first child hand walking into the ocean for the first time … & so many more moments that YOU ARE TAKING ( yes I yelled that !) I am guilty too! That is why I schedule my family photos this year. 😉

This isn’t about me though … I am talking to YOU! Here is my email : pamelasalaiphoto@gmail.com send me an email & let’s chat about a date. Don’t miss these moments!

“I never knew how much love my heart could hold until someone called me mommy”