Sneak Peak!

Rub-a-dub-dub time for one year old bubble fun!

It’s not secret I love to fun at my session. Styling & creating them to fit my clients style, color, taste or just to match their favorite outfit.

Today I have fun with this oh so adorable little girl…who you can only see her cute tootsies. You are going to have to check back to see more cuteness 😉

The set was pretty simple. I set it up at the studio with a white back drop. Hung a few plastic bubbles ( oh yea … bubbles … um more like plastic ornaments that you can get at christmas time ) I bought them in bulk so they came out to be super affordable ( eBay) . I hung a few dropped from the ceiling & opened some to make it look the the bubbles were laying on the floor . Put some in the tub & in a cute little wooden bucket ( craft store purchase)

The vintage enamel pink bath tub wasn’t cheap ( but was a total score! ) I’ll use it again for a different kind of session in the future. Once I have used things like this a few times I like to resell them & buy something new.

I use one lighting source and a white reflector on  a stand on the opposite side. (the natural light coming in was blocked behind the drop & the 2 side windows in the studio I just left sheers on them)

I hope you found this useful!

Just back soon for more sneak peaks, photographer tips, tools & ideas !