Creating magical memories

(my continued series for artist)

Interested in how I create my magic ? Come join me ! 

I have had some inquires lately about mentoring. I use to offer hourly mentoring & found that it just wasn’t enough time & that I had so much I wanted to share. I almost felt like I was cheating you out on knowledge . It’s taken me 4 years of blood ,sweat & tears . I am still learning & love to learn everyday. I try to keep up with new editing tools & new techniques. However, I always stay true to myself. I want to teach you what I know . 

For the first time I have decided to offer my Pixie Dust Collection : Come fly along with me as I take you on a journey. You over see a session from beginning to end. From my ideas/Brain storming , location scouting, prop section & than finally shooting. This obviously doesn’t all happen in a day for me … However, for the sake of the mentor session we make it all happen in one day. I est. about 6-8 hours with me. ( basically talk /mentoring lunch , dinner with me & shooting) Again … I give you my all. I don’t hold secrets – I feel that we are a community of photographers not competitors!

Please contact me for more information & availability *I will only be take on a few a year

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