I am so excited to share the first batch of photos I edited from The Magic Within Pittsburgh Shootout.

This was my first ever shootout that I hosted & I was honored to ask & have 2 of my close photog friends come & join me. Weeks of planning & running around all came together for one perfect evening of fun, laughter, networking, portfolio building & making new friends. ( I will leave out the part about the giant spider that thought my camera bag was his new home …)

20 guest attended our shootout. Lisa, Sarah & myself styled 3 main sets which then actually dove-tailed into about 3-4 other sets for about 7 different sets (if not maybe 1-2 more). We wanted to give everyone a little bit of everything that we love & show them that the magic is made within & you don’t need extravagant sets to make magic. The sets included a Toddler set ( boy & girl ), a pre-tween set (2 girls) & than the tween set which you see below.

We choose an Anna Triant Couture dress for our tween model to wear. Dazzled her hair in butterflies in colors that were pulled from her dress. Minimal make-up – a tad of blush , lipstick & mascara was enough for this beautiful Model. The only prop for this set was a moss cover chair that Sarah made from Moss sheet & hot glued it to the seat. A little tuck here & there & bam turn a drab chair into a fab chair. Great job Sarah!

I hope you enjoy the first preview of photos. Please feel free to comment <3