Turning ONE can be a lot of fun!

When my client came to me about this session…she mention that her daughters birthday was based around stars I immediately starting daydreaming – I mean stars ARE kinda my thing 😉

Before we could even finish our conversation I pretty much already had a vision on what I wanted to create for them for this special milestone.

We started off floating in the clouds & reaching for the stars. Than moved on to a more simple look. I love capturing this age & the sweet innocence so keeping it simple with a cute knitted bonnet & a ruffle diaper cover did the trick. After that is was SMASH cake time. This sweet baby girl loved creating art with the icing – it was quite fun to watch.

Than for a little bubbly tub time. It was actually spur of the moment when I turned to mum & said …how about a bubble bath ? She loved it & we went with it. So glad we did too! It made for some magical moments that mum & I won’t forget 😀 ( <<< Hey I am a part of this too ya know !)