What should the children wear?? I would love to tell you this is the easy part- truth is for me it’s the hard part. Finding out what your client style is or the look that fits them best is nothing short of trail & error & asking a lot of questions.

Boys (toddler & Tween) I think this might be the top asked questions!

“Where do you get clothing for boys?”

I love boys clothes. There are a lot more options than people realize. Here are a few of my go to brands for boys. H&M, Crew kids, bobo choses, mini boden,nicky and stella,Zara,www.dapperlads.com, mini rodni, tiny cottons This is just to name a few. Of course there are more & I am not trying to leave any one brand out or make one look better than the other. Start at #1. What is your desired look? Find a few photos of that look. research pieces that fit that look. You might find yourself scoring at a few different places. I, personally will help my clients with this process as previously mentioned on my last “Magical moments” post.

Girls (Toddler & Tween) Oh girls ! Aren’t they fun to dress? There are ruffles, sparkles,crystals & feathers. Some of my go to brands are Joyfolie, tutu du monde, Persnickety, dollcake, Mustard pie, well dressed wolf, Free people. Than if you want to step it up to couture you can rent or buy anna Triant, Have a dress made by Ella Dynae. And obviously there are so many more that I know & love that i have not mentioned here.

I was going to break this up into categories for you. Than I thought who am I to judge the style or “type” of clothing a brand is. Again, it comes down to getting to know your client & their style or look that fits them best. Than hit up google & research. There is no easy answer & why should there be? This part is FUN this is where you use your creative juices & create what you are going to look like. Or what your client(S.) are going to look like. Personally, I think it can make or break a session. It can be timeless or dated. so choose carefully.

Come back often for more tips & ideas!