How to create magical memories.

OK. Lets face it kids can be tough. Sometimes the adults can be just as tough or not harder than the little ones. Not everyone loves to “pose” in front of the camera-or in front of strangers.

1. Don’t be a stranger. Get to know your family. Ask questions find out what makes them who they are. Make a questionnaire & use it. Make sure to really get to know them.

2. Blend their clothing colors to match their home. Wait- you mean don’t just tell them to wear a basic color that you tell everyone to wear? That is right. Find out what colors are in their rooms that they plan on hanging these memories. After all you do want these hanging up in their home right ? Trust me- they will second guess hanging a large canvas if they decided to wear all blue’s because it makes the kids eyes stand out. Than come to find out her home is beige & creams with a hints of blush and blue doesn’t match on the giant blank wall that needed a gallery on it.

3. Help them. The only way they are going to feel good & look good is if you guide them. Don’t be afraid of this. Practice with friends first. Practice makes perfect after all – right ?

I personally do stylized|concept sessions. So I make pinterest boards for all my sessions. I create a theme based off the family. Basically, every session has a purpose and a reason I chose that prop or that color or that location. Pinterest is a great way for me to lay it all out & see what looks the best together from clothes, colors to props. I start with a sketch pad & than take it digital.

I always suggest to the mum to hire a makeup artist ( which I can provide for an additional fee). Show her places she can buy/rent clothes for herself or the kids. Why spend all that extra money on an outfit you might not wear again.

Come back often for more tips & ideas!