Pittsburgh Studio Rental | Studio 415 Pittsburgh

Open concept studio with beautiful natural light !

Real exposed red brick wall

Opposite of the brick wall

An all pure white wall without distractions of small pipes and beautiful painted white wood floor

2 brand moveable wooden floors (4×8) can also be used as a backdrop

misc. chairs & stools

Grey floor to ceiling – behind the sitting area

Fitting room w. hooks inside

Full Length mirror

Dress rack

Waiting| Sitting area

630 sq. ft.

Great for workshops, IPS, meeting with clients mini session or full sessions & more !

Furniture in the studio can be used for sessions.

Coat hooks at the entrance way

Items left at the studio for use: Backdrop stand, Reflector with boom, 1 Studio Light, fan, 1 extension cord, misc. chairs & stools and 2 brand moveable wooden floors

( Furniture may rotate in and out or change colors from photos posted. Please do not book just to use a certain prop seen in any photos

 –  please inquire first if that is the case


Please contact me for bookings : pamelasalaiphoto@gmail.com


Welcome to Deutschtown!

Cultural District and next to the north shore  ( Also known as East Allegheny)

This awesome area is historical and goes back as far as the 18th century. There is a ton of great shooting spots also around the studio on the street & alleyways. There is also West park that is with in walking distance of the studio.

(A few places to stop & eat at as well)

Located above the Bistro to go Cafe. Our door sits on the corner (circled below). It is a bolted locked secure building. We arrange a key pick up so you have access into the building and a separate key for the studio.